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We love our clients and are always trying to listen to their needs, questions, and concerns. We actively keep a running list of the top question clients are asking us, and here are our top 3 picks for Summer 2020.

#1: How Much Does Medicare Cost?

The top question on people’s minds is consistently focused on how much their healthcare is going to cost, and that doesn’t change when it comes to medicare.

Most Medicare-eligible individuals pay nothing for Part A coverage. Part B, Medicare Supplement, Advantage Plans, and Drug Plans all carry premiums and these can vary widely between individuals, plans, and coverage, so it’s best to speak with an advisor to determine the actual cost to you.

#2: What Isn’t Covered Under Medicare?

It’s a great question to ask ahead of time, so that you’re not stuck without coverage for common or unexpected illness or injury. The list varies, but the top 4 items often not covered are:

  1. Dental care
  2. Hearing assisting devices
  3. Eye exams, glasses, and related services
  4. In-home health healthcare or long stays at nursing homes

#3: How Often Can I Change My Medicare Plan?

Changes can be made during the annual Open Enrollment period. This period typically runs October 15 to December 7th.

We hope that these top questions help you understand Medicare and your options a little bit better, but we understand that it can still be complex. That’s why our caring and knowledgeable providers are here to help you. Contact us today >>